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Introducing Friends of Sligo Gaol

Friends of Sligo Gaol are a community group of volunteers with a keen interest in Sligo Gaol and its place in the history and heritage of Co. Sligo.

Members of The Friends of Sligo Gaol group photographs outside of Sligo Gaol with Siobhán Ryan, Sligo Heritage Officer

The overriding aim of the Friends is to provide community support for the conservation of Sligo Gaol and to promote greater understanding and public awareness of the history and heritage of the Gaol.

The Friends are an independent, volunteer body committed to working in partnership with Sligo County Council and other stakeholders in achieving these aims, and to supporting the ongoing conservation work of the Council. In addition, the Friends are interested in improving interpretation of the Gaol and its role in local and national history, the collecting and maintaining of archival materials, and to increasing visitor access to the Gaol complex.

In support of these aims, the Friends propose to:

  • Establish a dedicated Facebook page and website for Sligo Gaol

  • Promote the ongoing conservation of the Gaol and plans for future works

  • Collect and maintain personal reminisces, material, and objects relating to the Gaol and its history

  • Research and publish a history of Sligo Gaol

  • Organise educational programmes to enhance public understanding of the Gaol, including lectures, talks and exhibitions

  • Work with local officials to develop and erect interpretive panels explaining the history of the Gaol

  • Source material and funding support for conservation work on the Gaol

  • Liaise with other heritage groups in the County and nationally, and with educational bodies interested in Sligo’s heritage in pursuit of these aims

  • Work towards the eventual opening of the Gaol to the public

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