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Update - See Jail & Bail Event News item HERE

Would you like to see your boss doing time?
Know someone who needs to be hauled before a judge?

Then look no further than 'Sligo Jail & Bail', a fundraising event being ran by Friends of Sligo Gaol on Saturday 13th February to raise funds to help promote one of Sligo's most important buildings.  Why not group together with a few friends or colleagues to send your nearest and dearest where they belong – a jail cell.


When someone is nominated as a Prisoner (via the form below) they will be issued with a Warrant for their Arrest.  Prisoners will be required to present themselves to the Prison Guard at Johnston Court Shopping Centre at an agreed time on Saturday 13th February where they will be charged with their crime (see nomination form below) by the presiding Judge, dressed in a prison uniform and then held on remand.


Once sentenced, Prisoners will have their mug shot taken and posted to Friends of Sligo Gaol social media sites.  They will then be transferred to their cell to spend some time doing hard labour. Finally prisoners will be placed in stocks pending their bail payment. Incarceration will take approximately 15 minutes. 


Bail must be raised by the persons nominating the prisoner and paid on the event day. Minimum Bail €50.  


The Nominator and Prisoner who raise the most Bail on the day will win a prize of a guided tour of Sligo Gaol for up to 10 persons. Second prize will be a meal for two in the Glasshouse Hotel.  Prisoners who secure Bail of €100 or more will receive a ‘I've done time for Sligo Gaol’ T-Shirt. 


To nominate someone to become a Prisoner in the Jail & Bail you will need to:


  • Get the proposed Prisoner to agree to participate in the Jail & Bail fundraiser

  • Ensure they are available on Saturday 13th February for approximately an hour sometime between 11am & 6pm.

  • Pledge to raise as much bail as possible on their behalf (minimum €50).

  • Fill out the form below. 


The Prisoner will then receive a Warrant for their Arrest via email. They will also be contacted by Friends of Sligo Gaol to agree a suitable time slot for their arrest on Saturday 13th. 


Thank you for helping to support this Friends of Sligo Gaol event. The more bail we can raise the better placed we will be to further our aims of promoting the awareness of and access to one of Sligo's most important cultural and historic buildings.

What will funds raised be used for?


Friends of Sligo Gaol are a nonprofit community group of volunteers with a keen interest in Sligo Gaol and its place in the history and heritage of Co. Sligo.


We have a wide schedule of exciting activities planned over the coming year including recording the hidden graffiti on the cell walls, a 1916 seminar event, producing a children’s graphic novel and a history book about Sligo Gaol. 


These projects require varying levels of funding to progress and will allow the group to fulfill one of our key aims which is to promote awareness of the jail and its history to as wide an audience as possible.

Friends of Sligo Gaol is in the process of becoming a registered charity and conducts itself in accordance with the group's Constitution and Code of Governance.  All funds raised by the group will be used exclusively to advance the objectives outlined in our Mission Statement. 

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