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Seminar: Sligo Gaol and the Life of Sligo Women in 1916

The Riverside Hotel, Sligo
Saturday March 5th 2016 9.30 - 4pm

Seminar followed by a tour of Sligo Gaol for attendees

Keynote speaker historian Liz Gillis, author of “Women of the Irish
Revolution 1913-23”.

UPDATE - This event is now sold out.

Update - See 1916 Event News item HERE

Many ordinary women of Sligo and the surrounding counties were imprisoned in Sligo Gaol in 1916. Their story is often lost during the political upheaval of the period. These women were jailed for crimes such as theft, neglect of their children, drunkenness andprostitution.

Sentences varied from several weeks to years depending on the severity of the crime. These women go largely unrecorded but represent a window into history and the role of women in Irish society. It was for the rights of these ordinary Sligo women that their contemporaries Countess Markievicz and Linda Kearns fought for and which the Proclamation of the Irish Republic endorses.

Image of Linda Kearns on the right of the photo. Participant in 1916 Rising and prisoner in Sligo Gaol
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