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If Walls Could Talk

Do you have a piece of Sligo Gaol history that we can record?


Our Heritage Week Event this coming August 2017 will involve recording and increasing our knowledge of the history of Sligo Gaol. As a result we are putting a call out for artefacts, photographs and stories related to the Gaol


We are not asking you to donate your property! ……......... we simply want to discuss and record the significance of your artefacts, photographs or personal stories. 


Here are some of the items we’re looking for:

  1. Artefacts from the jail.

  2. Photographs which show a visual record of life in and around the Gaol throughout its existence 1818-1956

  3. Artefacts from the governor, wardens and prisoners

  4. Clothing and uniforms

  5. Stories!  Have you or members of your family – or your ancestors – worked or served time in Sligo Gaol?  If so, we’d love to hear your stories!


Here’s How to Participate:

If you have any Sligo Gaol historical items or other artefacts, photographs and stories from Sligo Gaol history, please email us at  alternatively, message us via our Facebook page


We will review each message thoroughly and respond to each contributor individually. More details will be given to those who provide items or stories that are of further interest.


Suggested items of interest may include: 

  • Utensils

  • Tools

  • Clothing and uniforms

  • Coins

  • Keys and locks

  • Note books and records 

  • Artwork 

  • Photographs.

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